Woofy App

Woofy app connects dog owners whose dogs are play buddies making it easier for their dogs to play with each other again. The app is free for 6 months.   Afterwards $0.99/year is required for the app to continue to be operational and without ads.

Woofy app creates a user based on the dog name. The owner can enter his/her name, tag, set a profile photo optionally. The user can connect with the other users within the 5 mile radius searching for the dog name. The app does not use or display the users' phone number. It does not require email to register or any third party login.

The app allows the users make an announcement (woof) or to check-in (mark) to their buddies. The users can be notified by a notification and they can see the other users' announcements and check-ins in the Woofs and Marks feed. Users can also woof/mark back directly to the buddy.